5th September 2017

Practice V for Vendetta Essay

What matters most to viewers is not what a text makes them think but how it makes them feel

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof”  ‘V for Vendetta’ is a convincing piece of dystopian literature and thus it is crucial for the film to make the audience think rather than feel. Director – James McTeigue, presents a societal warning that our world in the future could corrupt just like the Norsefire government in the future. Conveyed through two key scenes – the domino and fight scene, the cinematography techniques of montage, dialogue and symbolism are used to make the audience reflect upon the ideology of ‘Ideas are bulletproof and are used to reform society.’ ‘V for Vendetta’ is a compelling film as McTeigue empowers us to stand up for we believe in and take action rather than feel emotions and be inactive in society.

It’s important for audiences to realise that we do need to speak up and have an opinion rather than have an emotional response not contribute to society. Thinking encourages action whilst feeling often means people will not voice their opinions. Presented in the domino scene in ‘V for Vendetta’ Montage is used to make the audience think rather than feel. Images of riots, chaos and the citizens wearing Guy Fawkes masks are used in montage to create suspense and a feeling of empowerment that the people have in the film.  Montage is cleverly conducted in this scene to show the importance of ideas and how powerful they can be to reform society. The audience are encouraged to be independent and contribute towards revolutionary movements – as in ‘V for Vendetta.’ Cutting between various shots of Inspector Finch’s monologue and the boxes of masks being shipped across the country – the audience see the link between each plan V has to reshape society. At the start of the scene, V places down the first domino then switches to a shot of the parcel delivery lorry driving, the lorry containing boxes full of the Guy Fawkes mask that V wears. This juxtaposition shows the first part of V’s scheme as he places the first domino representing each action leads to another and step by step, citizens will have their freedom. It is through the domino scene that the montage makes the audience think that we are all involved i this movement “…all part of a plan, a perfect pattern laid out in front of us…” Montage presents the ideas of freedom and justice through the various shots played alongside each other – creating the illusion that ideas are bulletproof and are used to reform society. McTeigue acknowledges the power of ideas and entices us as viewers to make a difference in our world and contribute to society to make it a better place.

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  1. A great start, Hayley.

    Look to integrate the elements of the question in your analysis. Also weave McTeigue’s intention in earlier for impact.


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