What matters most to viewers is not what a text makes them think but how it makes them feel “Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof”  ‘V for Vendetta’ is a convincing piece of dystopian literature and thus it is crucial for the […]

The Handmaid’s Tale BODY PARAGRAPH: The most challenging ideas in a text are found in the detail The Handmaid’s Tale is a well-written and captivating novel that showcases a totalitarian regime and its impacts on women in particular. As readers, we live in a place a freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to think […]

There will come a time where you will depend on knowledge to save your life. It may have already happened, but when you do find yourself in that labyrinth of misery and suffering, how are you going to find your way out? Are you going to pursue that ultimatum that stretches you, pushes you, forces […]

  Chapter 1 It began as a whispering in the air. The day had been beautiful and the sky was like a dome of plasma-blue. Large pillows of clouds were forming, blotting out the stained-gold of the sun. My eyes caught the first droplet of water as it cascaded from the ridge in the roof […]

  Haley Vuleta V for Vendetta 3.9 The film ‘V for Vendetta’ entails London as a police state ruled by a fascist government following a world war. The protagonist and antihero who identifies himself as V, uses tactics to fight the oppressors of the world he lives in. The entirety of the film is based […]

Haley Vuleta The Handmaid’s Tale – Critical Review “For the Handmaid’s Tale to be successful, elements of the novel must be recogniseable.”  “I would like to believe this is a story I’m telling. I need to believe it. I must believe it. Those who can believe that such stories are only stories have a better […]

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